• Create Your Own Simple Home Audio Monitoring System
    Ever wanted to hear what's going on at home while you are away? With this step-by-step guide, you can create your own simple home audio monitoring system with a spare computer at no, or little cost.
  • SEO Tip: Adding The Search Engine Index Date To Your Web Page
    Know when a search engine indexed your page or website.
  • The Innovative Marketing of Dr. Quick Books, Inc.
    Despite a hearing impairment, Dr. Quick Books, Inc. has carved out a successful QuickBooks consulting business to be among the top 100 ProAdvisors.
  • How To Cut An Organization's Phone Bill By 90%
    True story about how an organization in Times Square, New York City cut the phone bill from $360/month to $36/month. Your organization or small business might be able to do the same.
  • Cheap Phone Numbers and Free Talk Time: Do It Yourself And Save Big
    Learn how to set up your own simple phone system to save big bucks. Ideal for small or side businesses.
  • Customer Service Battle: Getting the United States Postal Service to Budge: How An Average Citizen Got the Bureaucracy to Adopt an Idea
    The title says it all. The idea is still in use.
  • Not Lost In Seattle:
    Seattle has six 1st Avenues. No wonder folks are confused. And that's just the beginning. Add 10 major sections of streets. Get this guide and don't get lost in Seattle.
  • Simple Document Assembly for Microsoft Word: Understanding the Basics
    Learn the basic philosophy and method for creating a simple system to assemble the first draft of a contract, will, or other document.
  • WiFi Security Tricks At Home: Beyond Password Protection
    The most common method to keep intruders from connecting to your WiFi is to enable password protection. With a variety of other tips and tricks, you can make your WiFi even more difficult for unauthorized users. This e-article has about about 15 additional ideas that can help you protect your WiFi network even more.
  • How To Create Your Own Old-Time FM Radio Station
    If you like old-time radio, why not create your own old-time FM radio station? My station has been going for several years for hours of enjoyment. In this e-article I show you the basics -- with sources to equipment and audio -- to create your own. It's a lot a fun and can provide plenty of relaxation for the mind.
  • How To Listen To Your TV At Work And Elsewhere: A Step-by-Step Guide
    A lot of people don't need to watch TV to get the information they want. Listening is enough. But how do you do that when away from home? This e-article is a step-by-step guide. I use this method nearly every day to bring audio to me when away from home. If you have an old computer around, you might be able to set this up for less than $25.

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He's an avid consumer of international news, conceiving and directly implementing a private streaming audio system of international news channels from satellites.

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